Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Green

 I have two boring white sweaters sitting in my closet. Their biggest trick... staying nicely folded day after day. Time to show them the outside world.
Cue the green dye... 
...and SHAZAM! It even dyed the buttons.
I wanted a little more zing to my sweater, so I puled out all my green buttons and embroidery thread and went to town.

Welcome to the world little white sweater. I hope you like your new look. 


meg said...

Yeah. Can I say how ABSOLUTELY amazing this looks with your eyes? It looks amazing. There. I said it.

Also...where do you get the dye?

Krista said...

Hey Meg! You are the winner of the first comment on Lazy Saturdays! Your prize: a virtual high five. Ready...get your hand up......HIGH FIVE!

You can buy RIT dye at any grocery store. It's usually in the random section that has socks and other things that make you wonder if people really buy these things while they are purchasing their veggies. Easy to find and cheap (about $3), but the color range is limited. If you check out you'll find a plethora of colors. I prefer the liquid dye to the box dye. Follow the instructions on the bottle. I'll do a tutorial sometime!

Happy dyeing!!!

Liesel said...

The cardigan is so cute and I love the buttons on it!

Ruth said... are a genious! It doesn't hurt that green is my favorite color...and I never wear white cause it stains so easy. I love it!

SassAFrass said...

Genius! Your oh so clever and today I wish I was you. :)
Can't wait to check back and see more fun stuff on your cute site!

Krista said...

Thanks for all the great comments guys! I am blushing.

artyheart said...

You woman,YOU are so talented! :) I would've loved being your sister! :)

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