Sunday, April 3, 2011

Best April Fool's Day Ever. Period.

This is a blog about DIY fashion but sometimes creativity comes in different forms. Please forgive me for veering away from topic for a post, but this is too good to not share. This is dedicated to anyone that has ever had a terrible boss.

You need the background story first. It's a bit of reading...but I promise it's worth it. I was a runner for a law firm. Most. Boring. Job. Ever. I delivered stuff, cleaned up after lawyers and occasionally wiped their noses when they couldn't do it for them selves. You get gist. {Why not a fashion design job since that's what I'm educated in? Well I moved from LA to Idaho....which I love. But there are zero jobs in my field I settled for the time being.}

Now when I say it was boring, that is an understatement. I usually had about two hours a day to kill and sometimes more. I had a desk in a cubicle that I would sit at occasionally and read the news or work on things for various secretaries.

One day, someone in the office gave me a project that would take me hours upon hours at my computer to finish. For about three months, whenever I had free time, which was often, I would sit at my desk and type away. 

I came to work one afternoon to find out that one lawyer had been watching me sit at my desk hour after hour each day and instead of asking what I was doing, brought it up enraged in a partner meeting claiming I was wasting time. He then got a few other lawyers, went to my desk and turned it around so everyone could see what I was doing whenever I was sitting at my desk. 

Needless to say, it was the most awkward I've ever felt at work. But it lit a fire under my little behind and I said to myself, why am I dealing with this? I went off and found myself a much better job, put in my two weeks and they hired someone else. Then I realized what a wondrous time it was to put in my two weeks. My last day was on April Fool's Day. Oh this is going to be good! 

On my last day, I waited till everyone was gone for the day and then I pushed my desk into the office of the lawyer that thew me into the flames. (I did it with my own super-human strength. Of course there wouldn't be anyone else that would want to help me. Wink. Wink.) And left a little note....

I hope this is helpful for him. I love April Fool's Day. 


Amber said...

Oh wow Krista that was amazing! Best april fools joke ever...

laura said...

Way to go Krista! I would have loved to see this guy's expression!

Krista said...

Thanks guys! Little birdies in the office told me that he was not happy. In fact he was furious. Oops :) I also hear retaliation has been mentioned.

SassAFrass said...

Wow go you! I love hearing when girls have "balls"
Def a power move. Maybe your calling WAS to be a lawyer. :) JK I love looking at your creations too much!

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