Wednesday, April 20, 2011


If you've been reading along, you'll know that I have a fashion show on Friday. {Eeeeek!}Two days! I am so excited for it! It's going to be Amazing! I'm hitting the end of the work load and it's feelin' good. Soooo good. 

The last few weeks there have looked like this: Sewing, fitting models, sewing, sleeping, sewing, checking out my new buff right arm from all the sewing, dreaming about sewing, ignoring the fashion tornado that hit my house, fitting models and finally going to sleep to only dream about sewing. Mason has been wonderful during this time. He has been making dinner for us every night, rubs my arms after long days of sewing, and has been hiding cadbury cream eggs around our house and forces me to stop and sit for one minute to relax and eat whenever I find one. {I got myself a good one ladies.} 

Anyway, with life all about fashion fashion fashion the past few weeks, I took time to make a purse just for myself and not think about the show. And I made a list of things to do after Friday:

1. Make up for lost time with Mason
2. Give this little blog the attention it deserves. I have some treats in store for you! 
3. Catch up on my journal. Um, start a journal. 
4. Clean the house...but that's a bigger project than the fashion show itself. It may have to wait. I thought about posting pictures to prove what a disaster I've created, but it's embarrassing. I'd prefer for you to think I'm a perfect person. 

Enough of the daydreaming. Back to the show! I'll be showing ya soon all I've been working on! Have a great rest of the week! I'll be back bloggin' after the show. 


Erinlizabeth said...

Wait... how did I not know this blog existed until now?!?! I've been following your other one... which hasn't been posted on in a while. ;-)

Exquisitektc said...

Love the purse and the thoughts on your blog! I hope you enjoyed your fashion show; I think you did an absolutely fabulous job!!

amanda said...

Found you through the daybook. Love your bag in this photo! Congrats on your fashion show.

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