Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Make a Flower Out of a T-Shirt

Remember these outfits? Notice how they have the same flowers. 
Check them out here and here.
Here's how to make them:
Materials needed:
one old t-shirt
fabric scissors
Cut t-shirt into slightly different sized circles.
Start with the larger circles. Fold in half then into thirds. Hand sew the folded circle to the smallest circle. 
Continue sewing folded circles, working from largest to smallest, till its as full as you want it to be.
For this flower I used seven circles plus an eighth small one to sew them all to.
I sewed mine on to a headband. 
Enjoy your new flowers! Get creative: use different colors, add buttons, sew 'em on to bags. If you make one send me a picture! I'd love to see. Happy crafting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upcycled Thursday: Mellow Yellow

You guys! I did it! A successful Upcycled Thursday post after last weeks disaster. And this it the sweater I was trying to take pictures of. I started with a basic cardigan. Then I chopped up and old, poor fitting {but had a cute print} t-shirt, and stitched it to the bottom of the cardigan. I also made a flower out of another old t-shirt and attached it. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. Easy breezy. 

By the way, I've had two more brown avocados since last weeks mishap. What am I doing wrong? What is the green avocado secret? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anniversary Getaway

Our marriage turned one over the weekend! It has been a crazy, fun, perfect year. To celebrate we went to McCall, a little resort town in Idaho. 
We stayed at Hotel McCall. It was eclectic, friendly, clean, and wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone. Everything was walking distance. Perfect.
We explored this beautiful town, played bocci ball, ate a TON of food, sat outside, ate bistro sandwiches and played chess. I won...kinda...okay, not really. Stale mate. 
 When you look at this picture, don't think of the fire hydrant as really big, think of me as really small. Makes it ten times better.
 Sad fact: Mason and I are both from California. But the first time we walked on a beach together was here. In Idaho. On a lake. 
Don't worry. Going to the beach together is definitely on the to-do list. 
 The weather was supposed to be rainy while we were there. There was also talk of snow on the ground. And the lake was supposed to still be frozen. This is Idaho, after all. But we enjoyed a sunny, snow/iceless weekend. The weather was beautiful! It rained once. For ten minutes. But we were doing this: 
 We painted mugs for our souvenirs. The big plans for these babies: ice cream bowls. 
Oh yeah.
 Our hotel offered milk and cookies every night. How could you not adore that?
 Mason looooved his cookies. Each evening, we sat and played games in the library, talked, and ate. My favorite game played: speed Scrabble. 
If you ever go to McCall, you MUST eat at the Pancake House for breakfast. The pancakes are 18 inches in diameter. I measured. We ate there once for dinner. I was chowin' down my super healthy plate of chicken fried stake when I realized what I had done. I flipped my plate around to show Mason and yelled, "Do you recognize this piece of meat!? It's the United States of America!" I put it in my purse to sell on Ebay. But I got hungry an hour later and needed a snack. There goes my millions.
 Huge bonus: I got to listen to this all weekend. 
I love this guy.
One year.