Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Minute Scarf

Have you ever purchased a dress or tunic top that comes with a belt made from the same material as the garment, only to get home, yank off that matching belt and throw on a better looking belt of your own? I do that all the time. And now I have a drawer full of neglected matchy-matchy belts. I feel bad throwing them away. So I came up with a new way to use them.
Take three belts and braid them together. If one of the belts is significantly longer then the rest, wrap it several times around the end of the braid. Now you have the perfect spring/summer scarf! 
Here's was it looks like on an actual human.
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Anonymous said...

I love your scarf and your ethernet cable dress! Your blog and personal style is so original :)


Forever Miss Vanity said...

Beautiful scarf, your blog is lovely. I'm following :)


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing when a dress comes with a matching belt! The first thing I check is to see if I would damage the dress by cutting off the belt lol. Very original idea!

Stop by my blog some time :)

Little Rus said...

What a great idea! x

Sepia Toned Vignettes said...

Great idea! I am going to have to try that sometime.

Shanti Pranadi said...

Love this idea!! Gonna try it soon :)

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