Friday, June 24, 2011

box breaking

I re-vamped a shirt that has been sitting in my closet, feeling unloved, for far too long. 
I realized, looking over the pieces I picked for my 30 for 30, that I'm drawn to blue and green.
And since this challenge is about getting out of your style comfort box, I went against my instinct to throw it into a blue/green pot of dye and went coral. I've broken that box! Oh yeah.
I also made this dress. Easiest dress to make. Like sewing 101 easy. More on that tomorrow.

In other news, I saw two guys today walking down the street. They're the baggy pant, wife-beater tank top type guys. They looked like they should have been walking a pit bull. But they weren't. They were walking a goat.
Gotta love Idaho.

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