Sunday, June 19, 2011

food and family

Shirt: made by me. Belt: thrifted. Pants: Anthro. Shoes: Ross.
Shirt transformation here.

I wore this yesterday and spent the day eating and laughing with my momma, sisters, cousins and aunt. Girl's day. Food and fun. It was glorious. 

I came home to my guy and we went to U-Swirl. It's one of those make-it-yourselves frozen yogurt places. So good. We piled those babies so high. It was almost embarrassing. Almost. We headed home to eat and watched movies. Also glorious. 

Then I went into a food coma. But it was a happy, dream of more food, coma. I hope to go to that place again soon.


madison avenue said...

i love the colors!! i also love how you mixed the patters on the shirt and on the belt...youre so brave! haha

Krista said...

..or completely color/pattern blind.... Haha! I’ll take brave. Thanks :)

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