Saturday, June 18, 2011

a fried date

Sweater: made by me. Shirt: Anthropologie. Pants: thrifted. Shoes:
See sweater transformation here.
Last night was date night. Neither of us were very hungry. But both of us were in the mood for fried food. 

Solution: hit up the drive-thru, grab a bunch of fried sides, head to the park for some sunshine and ukulele time. Perfection. 

As we packed up and headed to the car, Mason reached over and took the uke and camera from my hands. I thought to myself, "His mamma taught him well.
That was until he dumped water on me.


Kirstin said...

Cute outfit! Really looks great with your hair :)

Tales of an Illegal Midget

Warrior-Fit-Club said...

Sounds like a fun date, and I think his mom taught him perfectly, lol!

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