Thursday, June 30, 2011

upcycled thursdays: blouse made from a men's shirt

Article of clothing number two for the  30 for 30 challenge done! 

I cut up Ralph Lauren today. 
Ok maybe not the man himself. But one of his shirts. 
And quite frankly, rightfully so. What self respecting man would wear purple checkers? No wonder it was tossed out for me to find and start cooing and petting and saying "my precious."
This is the first time {that I can recall} that I made a blouse from a men's shirt.
I wanted something boxy that would be nice and airy for summer. 
Because let's face it, if I feel sweaty, I don't care what I look like.
And I get reaaaaly cranky when I get hot. But no one needs to know that. Pretend I'm perfect...Mmmkay? Thanks. 
To make this, I took in the sides, shortened the length, chopped off the sleeves, and changed the collar.  
I think I could wear this all summer. I need more men's shirts!
Off to Mason's closet...

P.S. I wear the same pants two days in a row. So what? I'm perfect, remember? I know you do it, too.


LaynahRose said...

you. go. girl.

you really know your way around a sewing machine!

madison avenue said...

what a great refashion! i love how loose it is!! i also think your headband is super cute :)

Phil said...

I wear pants 2 weeks in a row. Or until they are nice and crunchy. No worries.

Markee said...

I love how honest you are!

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