Thursday, June 23, 2011

upcycled thursdays: dress made from two men's shirts

Wondering what that number 5 is all about? Read this post!
Happy Thursday! This dress was made from two thrifted men's shirts. 
It's lightweight and perfect for these hotter days that are finally showing their shining faces. 

I made it a little while ago and have yet to wear it. {Bad me} Enter 30 for 30 challenge and success! 
It made it's way out into the world. 

I'm a terrible person and didn't make much of a tutorial. If you're interested in one speak up in the comments! I may surprise you with one later. 


April and Wes said...

why oh why don't we live closer so we could hang out and you could dress me, my uber stylish friend you!!! You are still just too darn cute! Please come visit sometime!!!!!!!

madison avenue said...

that is sooo adorable!!! i love the colors! i think i will have to steel some of my boyfriends shirts haha. GREAT idea!!!

Julie said...

This is such a cool idea! and cute too!

Krista said...

Madison Avenue: But when he sees how adorable you look in his clothes there’ll be no way he could be mad at you, right?

John Mike said...

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