Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Mason and I are hooked on a new (to us) card game.
Killer Bunnies.
Have you ever played?
Oh man. It's hilarious. That's what our days have consisted of recently. 
We go to work, come home, grab dinner and then go head to head brutally murdering seeming innocent rodents 
using wire whisks, ebola viruses, and 
chocolate-covered anti-matter raisins.
It brings us joy.
Check out their website here if you'd love to join in on the morbid fun.

Alright. Let's get down to business. Outfit time. 
Learn all about my dress that I'm wearing as a skirt here.
And my sweater transformation here.
Both super easy to make!

Have a happy Tuesday! 


LaynahRose said...

I remember that sweater transformation! Still cute as ever, and I like it with that dress/skirt :)

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit! So cute ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Ruth said...

We were just introduced to Killer Bunnies recently as well. Some serious fun there. :)

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