Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend Fun

The weekend of the Fourth of July we packed our bags, hopped in a huge winnebago with my entire immediate family, and headed for Utah for some family reunion fun.  
The fam from left to right: my sis and her husband, me and M, my other sis and her soon-to-be hubs, my bro and his wife and two boys, and my mom. My dad takes the pictures.  We're a good lookin' lot, eh?
The highlight of the trip: spending oodles of time with these boys. They are my number 2 and 3 favorite boys in the world. Mason is number one and my dad is number 4. Sorry dad. But look at these faces.
Picnik collage2
There was tennis, hackey sack, capture the flag.
There was even a moment straight out of Dan From Real Life as we all gathered outside to do aerobics. I have pictures to prove it, but my life has been threatened if I put them up on here.   
Picnik collage
Brigham City LDS Temple in progress. It's going to beautiful!
Many games of Killer Bunnies. Best game ever!
Picnik collage4
The little one loved sitting in the front with his grandpa and honking the horn of the winne. 
Mason heard laughing coming from the back as we drove at night. He went back to find the engaged couple making these faces as cars drove by. You wouldn't be able to tell, but it's this lovely lady modeling the car dress.
They are going to have breath-taking children.
Picnik collage5
Father son moment.
Food. Air hockey. Ping pong. Basketball. Swimming.
Picnik collage1
My mom with her grandson. Don't you want to stick your hand into the computer and pinch that belly?
Picnik collage3
It was a wonderful trip. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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