Saturday, July 2, 2011

remember when it was father's day...

Father's Day was a couple weeks ago. I made Mason a tie. He's going to die when he sees a post dedicated to him. So I won't embarrass him too much. But I am going to say he's going to make an awesome dad someday. You should see this guy with kids. We walk into a room and all the rids start screaming "Uncle Mason!" And bulldoze him over. And Anytime I start getting freaked out about babies {cause let's face it...I've killed 3 cactuses. True story.} I think about how great he is with kids and calm down. I'm really excited to see how he'll be as a dad someday. Someday... this isn't an announcement.
Plus, a guy that can spot out a baby praying mantis has to be amazing right?
This horrible, unfocused picture is included just to prove how small the dude was.
We tried to invite him to dinner. But he took off when he saw the giant finger coming at him.


LaynahRose said...

bahaha its too bad he turned down your dinner invitation, how rude!

guys that are good with kids just melt my heart :) way to pick 'em girl!

The Katie-Boo Baker said...

Aw how cute is Mason?
I'm not even allowed to call my boyfriend by his name on my blog because he gets so mortified!
I'm exactly the same with plants,if its green and leafy I'll kill it.I fear for any child I bear.
kate x

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