Monday, August 15, 2011

cabin weekend

Mason and I just returned from an awesome cabin trip! 
We went with some his friends from high school and their families. 
{Mason, Phil, Nic, and Ammon-M's bro/my bro-in-law}
{{Check out my husband's beefy arms}}
We found a bunch of new friends there. Did you know lizards fall asleep if you put them on their back and rubbed their bellies?
{No animals were harmed}
At the top of a hill by the cabin there was the Lightening Tree--a tree that had been struck by lightening. Duh. 
Supposedly, if you touch the tree you would be given super hero powers.
So we hiked all the way up there to get said powers... and it was waaaaaaay up there. 
The best receiving-their-super-hero-powers-picture award goes to Phil.
I also got to ride four wheelers for the first time! Ummm...why have I never had this adventure yet?
It was awesome!
After an awesome game of Killer Bunnies I created this 9 dice sculpture. No one was impressed but Mason...and myself of course.
My face proves that. 
My man:
The gang:


LaynahRose said...

Well I, for one, am impressed with your dice! Also, your putting lizards to sleep skills. I never ridden a 4 wheeler either, but I think I'd rather be the passenger anyways. Looks like a great trip!

Krista said...

Hey thanks! That's now 3 people!!! And you must try 4 wheeling if the opportunity presents itself. I'm definitely not the adventurous dare-devil type and for me it was easy and fun!

Phil said...

Do I get a prize for winning this award? I guess having exact change whenever I like is prize enough. Keeps me from having more money than I know what to do with.
Anyway, I'm touched I made it into your blog.

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