Monday, August 22, 2011

dress surgery

I bought this adorable dress a couple years ago. Every time I've worn it I've paired it with a sweater. 
Why? Because the sleeves were out of control. 
I would tuck the ruffles up in the sleeve and put on a sweater to hide the ruffle party. You can see the sweater-sleeve bulge for yourself here.
I adore the ruffles down the front, but it seems like the designer went ruffle happy with their design. 
So today I performed ruffle surgery on my dress. It was an intense procedure, with a couple complications, but the dress pulled thru in the end. A full recovery is expected.
Now I can wear it with a sweater bulge free. 


Anja said...

perfect dress! Good that you cut up the ruffle parade, it looks so much better now! I love me some polka dots and yours are fab!

Aubsent From Texas said...

so talented! I tried fixing poofy sleeves on a dress and ended up taking it to a tailor so they could just take them off.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Damn, I wish I could sew but I tend to do more harm than good when it comes to clothes ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Krista said...

Anja... Ruffle Parade!!! That cracked me up!

AFT... There are some things that are just better off in tailor's hands. I never touch my jeans. They scare me.

And Kelly... I'm thinking of starting a basic sewing series... hopefully that will help minimize harm :) But don't worry, even the best sewers make embarrassing mistakes. We just don't blog them and keep them a secret :) Haha!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!

artyheart said...

So cute! I wish I could stitch like you! You're pretty :)

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