Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a story about glasses, scarves, and the car dress

Do you guys know who The Girls With Glasses are?
If you don't you need to check them out. They're hilarious and adorable!

Here's a little story for ya...
A couple months ago they hosted a contest to win some scarves. They did a youtube video and to enter you left a comment. So I did just that. 
And they picked me!!! 
Free scarves!!! I love them! 
Here's the comment I left:
Ooooo Scarves! I missed the win-a-pair-of-glasses-by-commenting contest. My husband recently sat on my pair and broke them clean in half.... the day after he wrecked his car. Poor fellow. But we still have our 1983 Toyota! Runs like a tank! A scarf would help me hold my brains in while looking at all the broken things around here and make me look sophisticated while sporting my super-glued/masking taped glasses. Keep it "glassy" ladies! (get it? classy....glassy. No? Oh, well I tried.)

True sad story. And that wrecked car of my adorable husband's? Well it turned into this dress...
And that's how the car dress came to be. More dresses can bee seen here.

I bet you guys had no idea I wear glasses huh? I'm actually wearing my crippled pair as I type.
I've been on the prowl for a new pair and am really leaning towards these...
They're from spexclub.com. And they're an awesome price. 
Maybe I'll be rockin' a new pair soon. 


Kassie said...

That dress still gets to me. Super creative!
Is it comfortable, at all?

Broken glasses are no fun, but scarves are my fav!

Sarah said...

Who doesn't love free things? And I love browsing your trashion posts because they're awesome (duh). I think you could totally rock those glasses, too. Too bad you couldn't win free ones, though!

artyheart said...

Haha you're such a cutie! I love the glasses & you look adorable in them!
I love how talented you are! :D

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