Friday, September 2, 2011

best day

So. Yesterday was my birthday. 
And it was awesome
The only birthday that can rival it was my 8th birthday.
I had a pig party. All my friends came over and we had mud fights and shot whipped cream at each other and had food eating contests. It was epic.

Anyway, this zombie-like art work by Mason greeted me in the shower:
And then I had lunch with my mom and sisters and ate this kind of food:
Then I headed home to hang out with my favorite person.
Who gave me flowers.
And gave me a present which was a bike basket. Mason then took me to the bike store and let me pick out my dream bike to go with my basket! Such a fun surprise! 
It didn't fit in our car. So I had to ride it home. Which was awesome! I felt like a little kid... and was grinning like one too.
Mason took me to get Chinese afterwards. The good kind... not the greasy stuff.
Which is super awesome because Mason doesn't like Chinese. 

And there was ice cream.
And Mason tried boba for the first time. Still unsure about it. But aren't we all after the first try?
My birthday rocked. 

And that was the end to my perfect day. Ok. Not the end...
But I'm not telling you the rest...


Trisha said...

I knew Mason would make your birthday Epic! He's just that kind of guy, married to that kind of girl, so, yeah, Duh! That food you had with your Mom and sisters is making me seriously drool! Glad you had such a wonderful day!

meg said...

I love this! And that bike was just made for you! Hooray for happy days!

artyheart said...

You're so adorable! When I read your posts I feel like I know you since ages, such a warm person.
Belated Happy Birthday! You're a beautiful girl! :)

artyheart said...

Oh and the last bit made me grin happily! haha :)

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