Sunday, September 4, 2011

is it fall yet?

Sweaters. Boots. Colored tights.
I miss you. 

Weather, please cool off soon. 


madison avenue said...

that sweater is absolutely adorable!! i want it to be fall too!

tiny dancer said...

LOVE that sweater. I'm looking for a good cable sweater for this fall, in mustard or an acorn color. Yummm :)


Mrs. Dork said...

Oh, I can totally relate. The other day I told a girl how ready I was for the cold weather so I could wear my boots and tights. She said, "Oh I'd much rather it be hot outside." Then I realized that not all people care about dressing in cute winter clothes. And that is simply not understandable.

Krista said...

I totally hear you Mrs. D! I strongly dislike summer for the limited clothing options. Though swimming, camping, and vacations are awesome. BUT summer is also when all the spiders come out. That alone cancels out the awesomeness of the previous stated things.

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