Thursday, September 8, 2011

nostalgic pressed leaves wall display

For part of our honeymoon, Mason and stayed at a cabin in the middle of nowhere.
Uber romantic and relaxing.
I collected leaves and pressed them in a book to use at a later date... today.
To make, all you need is cork board, a razor blade and metal ruler, spray adhesive, nails or pins and leaves of flowers that you've pressed.

Use the razor blade and ruler to cut the cork board in to a variety of different rectangles and squares. 
Arrange your leaves on the boards.
Following the directions of your spray adhesive, use it to lightly coat the back of the plants and carefully press it to the cork boards and let dry.

To hang, I traced each board onto scratch paper and did a quick sketch of what the leaves looked like on it for reference.  Then I taped the papers to the wall and arranged them to my liking. This will keep you from hammering a zillion wrong holes in the wall.
Once all the papers are perfect, hang up the boards one by one removing the papers as you go.
And that's it!
I love this because it has such wonderful memories attaced to it. 
And what better place to hang it than over our bed, eh?

You could gather plants from a special vacation, your own backyard or use the flowers your significant other gives you.
And to vary on the cork board idea... you could use miss-matched frames.
Oooo that would be cute.


Anja said...

this is so cute! I also kept the first flowers my man gave me and pressed/dried them. Can't wait to use them in a similar way one day!!

Heather Feather said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE your bedspread and pillows! Where'd you get them?

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