Monday, September 19, 2011

over the weekend

Number 25 on my 30 by 30 list is done!
We went camping over the weekend. Just Mason and me.
We drove up a mountain close to where we live... drove off some random dirt rode for 20 minutes... found a clearing and made camp. And the view was amazing.
It was the first time I've ever camped in a non-camp ground area. 
It was super fun!
Let's talk about food for a moment. I don't think you'll mind. To me, when you go somewhere awesome and the food is equally awesome it makes for a super crazy awesome memory. 
I'm all about the food.
For dinner, we brought up homemade burritos and  grilled them over the fire.
For breakfast, I scrambled up eggs with cheese and sausage and topped with avocado and salsa.
And the winning food of the trip was inspired by this pin.
S'mores made with peanut putter cups. 
Heaven I tell ya. I'm never going back Hershey's. Sorry.
We were able to see the edge of our city from our site. 
It is one of the best memories I have with my guy. 


trinketsandtalmud said...

I'm new to your blog,
I just wanted to let you know that I think your tutorials and fashion are great and I love how you can do fashion and camping - very cool.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

wow! Sounds so perfect! i love the amazing view!

Gracey said...

Gorgeous photos. What a wonderful weekend.

Love your blog!

mandyface said...

I will def be trying that Reese's smores dealio out. Camping is the I've been craving it a lot lately.

Fashionable Unicorn said...

This is really random, but I love your hair! Your bangs are perfect!! You're really pretty :)
Michaella ( )

Krista said...

@Fashionable Unicorn- You are so sweet! I’d love to take credit for my hair but I’m blessed to have a sister that’s a cosmetologist. And she’s aaaaamazing!

@mandyface- You must try it. Your camping experiences will never be the same!

Thanks for the lovely comments :)

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