Saturday, September 24, 2011

some lazy things...

Things I am grateful for today:

My husband.
One night this week, while I was feeling a little blah and getting ready for bed, Mason walked up to me, kissed me on the nose and said thanks for marrying me. Blahness gone in an instant.

And boy does the guy make me laugh. Mason talks in his sleep. Best trait in a husband. Seriously. 
I couldn't sleep last night. He started mumbling while I was laying awake and I said, Mason, I can't sleep. Will you tell me a story?
And this is his story:
Once there were two zombie brothers and they weren't very good at math.... zzzzzzzz...
I laughed myself to sleep.

Plus, you gotta love a guy who bring home roses randomly.mensshirtskirt5

My mom. 
Who needs Martha S. when you have a mom to teach you how to bottle tomatoes?
Cooking this fall is going to be a blast.
Soups. Pasta sauce. Pizza sauce. Mmmmmm. 

Speaking of fall...
Welcome back boots. I've missed you.


Danielle said...

I'm so jealous of you. It's still not technically fall here... I don't think 100 degrees is how hot it's supposed to be in autumn.

artyheart said...

Aww! So so cute! *touchwood* May you be together forever & ever ! :)
Lovely boots I seee :D

Fictitious Fashion said...

ohhhhh.. yesss.. Having someone who makes you laugh at odd-even times :D ..its a wonderful feeling :)

God Bless you both!

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