Monday, October 31, 2011

have a super halloween!

Mason and I love this day because it's the only day of the year we don't have to wear a costume. 
Have a wonderful Halloween!!! What are you dressing up as?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

upcycled thursdays: men's shirt refashion

Here's how I changed the shirt:

1. Hemmed the bottom.
2. Took in the sides.
3. Cut off the sleeves, hemmed, folded up into a thick cuff and pressed.

Easy breezy! It took me about 45 minutes total. It would have been less, but I kept messing up. 
We all have our moments.

P.S. There's only a few days left to get $20 off at eShakti. Oh my, have they added some wonderful things! Hello, scarves!!! Just enter LAZY0811 to get the credit. More info here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

christmas came early

{Thrifted blouse, Nordstrom skirt, belt taken from a dress, Hue tights, Anthropologie shoes that I scored for $18}
I got my glasses!!!
If you recall from this post, I've been working with a pair of broken glasses for sometime. Almost a year actually. Not only were they broken in half by my handsome husband's hiney, but they were old. The last time the prescription was updated was the year I graduated high school. And my eleven year reunion is coming up. {Eleven year reunion? Yes. My old high school class is really on top of things.} So an update was seriously needed.

And oh my goodness, I swear I live in a new world! It's so clear! My contacts are awesome but these glasses are rocking my world. 
And Mason loves them. Win-win. 

Annnnnd I thrifted this awesome blouse for a few bucks. I'm in love with it. Must find a hundred different ways to wear it pronto. And that's all. And now I've annoyed everyone by starting 75% of my sentences with and

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how to make a lacy infinity scarf

Inspired by scarves from DaWanda and El Blog de DMC, found via Pinterest, I decided to make a lacy infinity scarf. I've had this blue crochet material sitting around for ages that was perfect for the project. You can use any kind of lace or crochet fabric. I also used a floral print cotton blend.
To start, I cut two 11" by 55" rectangles from the floral print and one of the crochet material. Feel free to make it thicker or longer! Have fun experimenting. 
Take one of the floral printed rectangles and lay it wrong side down, right side facing up. Then lay the crochet fabric on top of it. Pin all sides. Baste stitch every edge. If you are new to sewing, baste stitches are made by setting your sewing machine to the longest length. The stitches are not permanent and use less thread. 
Now you have two rectangles. One with the crochet fabric attached to it and one without. Lay the two rectangles on top of each other, right sides together, and pin. Sew only the two longest sides, creating a tube. Press the seams then turn right side out.
Now comes the trickiest part. Take the two open ends of the tube and begin pinning right sides together, making sure all seams line up. You won't be able to pin the whole way. Pin as far as you can, then sew the pinned area. There will be a small hole left. Hand stitch the hole. In short, you're sewing the ends together. And you're done!    

Monday, October 24, 2011

over the weekend...

My baby sis got hitched! 
{bride & groom}
{my guy}

She looked gorgeous! What a wonderful weekend it was! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. 

Congratulations Heith and Michelle! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


{Sweater, purse: made by me. Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Scarf: Target. Pants: thrifted. Shoes: Toms.} 
My t-shirt has the periodic table on it. I love the periodic table. It fascinates me. So much, in fact, that I memorized all the elements. I'm not entirely sure why, but it makes for a great party trick. Though no one ever asks me to prove it when I tell them. They tell me I'm strange and move on. I mostly find myself reciting elements to myself when I get ready in the morning. My dad did high five me when I recited it to him. And that made all my effort totally worth it. I love my dad. And high fives. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this is THE girl

I must give credit where much credit is due. Many of you have given me wonderful comments about my hair. First of all, thank you so much! And secondly, this is the girl that deserves ALL the credit...
Mrs. Erin Russell. My lil sis. {Actually by big lil sis. She's got a good 4 inches on me. Not fair.} This girl rocks at hair. She has been doing hair forever and even opened her own salon in 2009. The place is adorable, and there's hot chocolate waiting on cold days. Umm awesome? 
{Let's ignore the face I'm making.}

Erin knows her stuff. I heard "ombre" come out her mouth long before I saw it swarm the celebrities heads. This girl is seriously talented. She's trained with some of the top stylists and colorists in the world. My favorite thing about her is that she really listens and does what YOU want. We've all had at least one of those experiences where we walk out of the salon feeling like a  bleached poodle. Eeek. Not with Erin! 
And she's probably the nicest person I know. Once you sit in her chair, you'll become new best friends. Promise. 
Anyway, if you're in the Boise are you must call her. (208) 830-2899
You'll love your experience with her! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

remixed: graphic skirt

With a sweater. 
Pattern mixing.
Have fun with colors.

When I first started this blog, I promised myself I would only promote things that I could stand behind. No obnoxious adds that don't apply to my readers. Someday I may go down the sponsor route...with only sponsors that apply to my followers. But that's far from today, and I'm in no hurry. 

Anyway, eShakti approached me about sending me something to wear on my blog. I was hesitant at first. I've had a few other companies approach me that I turned down. But this was the first one I was really interested in. And I must say, I'm blown away by their customer care!

They have bent over backwards to make me a happy customer. I love that I could get my clothes fit to my size. They can fit an item to your body, adjust the length of the hem, and even add sleeves. I can hear the curvy, short, tall, and modest girls cheering! Seriously awesome, right? I'm loving my new skirt and have had a lot of fun mixing it up.  

And some extra happiness, eShakti is offering all my readers $20 off their purchases made thru December 31, 2011. Use promo code LAZY0811. Read all the details here. Have fun shopping! Let me know what you get!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

upcycled thursdays: jacket makeover

I swear it's the same jacket! 
Let me tell you how I did it...
First I dyed my jacket with iDye Poly. {It's the first time I've used this type of dye. Not sure if I love it yet. I bought a couple more packages. I'll give you a verdict later.}
After I dyed it, I sewed ribbon on the front and the back. 
Thats it! Aside from the dying process (which I did during an episode of Project Runway),  it only took me 30 minutes to complete. 
Easy breezy. I'm seriously digging the retro feel of it.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

three accessories from one sweater

This is dedicated to all you that are new to sewing! Three easy projects all from one sweater. 
I used a sewing machine to make mine, but you can use the super easy whip stitch, seen here, to complete all three items. 

One large sweater
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Chalk or something to mark the sweater

To begin, turn the sweater inside out. It will remain this way.
To make the mittens, you will be using both sleeves. Trace around your fingers and thumb, giving ample room for seam allowance. See picture as an aid. Cut out. Pin and sew the outside edge. Turn right side out and try on. Make any adjustments needed. If it fits great, turn inside out again, trace on the other arm. By using your first mitten as a guide, you will end up with mittens of the same size. Repeat all steps.   
Mittens! They are warmer than any other pair I own. I can't wait for colder weather. I may add some buttons down the side for a little more pizzaz.
Now on to the beanie. Use your best fitting beanie and trace it along the hem of the sweater. Make sure to leave seam allowance. Cut out and sew. Turn right side out. Done! 
At this point, your sweater will look like this:
Lastly, the headband. Cut a long rectangle across the chest of the sweater. Mine was 5" thick and the diameter of my head in length. Pin like the above picture and sew. Use you fingers to work it right side out. Sew the last two smaller sides together. And you have a warm, winter friendly headband. 
If you're feeling adventurous, you can use the last bit of scraps to make a bow or flower to attach to the headband. 
I hope you enjoy your new cozy accessories! 

Welcome everyone from Everybody Everywear! I'm glad you came this way.