Wednesday, October 26, 2011

christmas came early

{Thrifted blouse, Nordstrom skirt, belt taken from a dress, Hue tights, Anthropologie shoes that I scored for $18}
I got my glasses!!!
If you recall from this post, I've been working with a pair of broken glasses for sometime. Almost a year actually. Not only were they broken in half by my handsome husband's hiney, but they were old. The last time the prescription was updated was the year I graduated high school. And my eleven year reunion is coming up. {Eleven year reunion? Yes. My old high school class is really on top of things.} So an update was seriously needed.

And oh my goodness, I swear I live in a new world! It's so clear! My contacts are awesome but these glasses are rocking my world. 
And Mason loves them. Win-win. 

Annnnnd I thrifted this awesome blouse for a few bucks. I'm in love with it. Must find a hundred different ways to wear it pronto. And that's all. And now I've annoyed everyone by starting 75% of my sentences with and


Faith said...

That is such a cute look! I'm jealous of how flattering those glasses are on you! :)

Loren said...

Love this color combo! The shirt is awesome as well! I let my prescription get 3 or 4 years out of date once and when I got new glasses I was like 'Oh so THIS is why people wear them...' They are super cute on you :)

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Your glasses look wonderful! And I love this outfit - what a great color combination.

Fictitious Fashion said...

You look amazing,... As always

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Ruby Girl said...

adorable outfit!! that top is super great. <3

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