Tuesday, October 18, 2011

remixed: graphic skirt

With a sweater. 
Pattern mixing.
Have fun with colors.

When I first started this blog, I promised myself I would only promote things that I could stand behind. No obnoxious adds that don't apply to my readers. Someday I may go down the sponsor route...with only sponsors that apply to my followers. But that's far from today, and I'm in no hurry. 

Anyway, eShakti approached me about sending me something to wear on my blog. I was hesitant at first. I've had a few other companies approach me that I turned down. But this was the first one I was really interested in. And I must say, I'm blown away by their customer care!

They have bent over backwards to make me a happy customer. I love that I could get my clothes fit to my size. They can fit an item to your body, adjust the length of the hem, and even add sleeves. I can hear the curvy, short, tall, and modest girls cheering! Seriously awesome, right? I'm loving my new skirt and have had a lot of fun mixing it up.  

And some extra happiness, eShakti is offering all my readers $20 off their purchases made thru December 31, 2011. Use promo code LAZY0811. Read all the details here. Have fun shopping! Let me know what you get!


Mrs. Dork said...

I've not bought anything from eShakti, but I've stalked the site for forever. One day I'll buy something! This skirt is absolutely adorable and I love the ways you've remixed it. (Number one is my fave--it looks so cozy!)

Jenn said...

I love your remixes!! The second outfit is super cute and fun. I also love the layered look - it's so perfect for fall :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Nyccc mix of colors.. is so much fun... love all the outifts :)

New Post- Color Blocking


H. said...

These are all fabulous! I feel inspired to put together some fall outfits :)

Trisha said...

I just started teaching my four-year old some basic fashion rules, like she can't wear red with pink or stripes with polka-dots, but shoot! the second outfit is cute! Now what do I tell her? Lol!

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