Wednesday, October 5, 2011

updates from these lazy parts...

Hello my lovely readers! I have a few updates I wanted to share with you. First of all, I've been sick this week. Sicker than I've been in years. Food poisoning. It kicked my trash. It lasted for a violent 24 hours from Sunday to Monday, but this morning was the first time I've been able to eat something without my body screaming at me. So I'm still working on getting back on my feet. I'm almost there! {Hallelujah!} Usually I'm about one or two posts ahead for this little blog of mine, but at the moment I'm all out. Instead slapping together something half-heartedly I'm going to take this week off and come back next week ready to go, and healthy! 

Secondly, because I've literally only been able to lay in bed and think for a couple days, I've been able to ponder what I want this blog to become! It's been quite fun. I'm still pretty new to the blogosphere and plan on hanging out for a while. So here's what I plan on continuing with:

1. DIYs for both fashion and home. I love them and plan on doing more! 
2. How to Wear XYZ posts. I've had a lot of great reactions to these posts and they are becoming some of my favorites to put together.
3. More Upcyling posts. 
4. The beginning of individual outfit posts. I've tried to stay away from becoming a fashion blogger, but I don't think I can help it anymore. I LOVE CLOTHES! So I'm giving up and giving in. And I believe it's all for the better. Plus, some of my favorite blogs are fashion ones. 
5. Trashion Designs. Oh how I love to create these bizarre dresses! They may not be on regular programming, because they take a crazy long time to make, but they will always be coming. I'm in the design process of a few right now. I can't wait to show you! 
6. And because I love my little life, I can't help but put up updates from our happy household. 

So there you have it! That's what this little Lazy Saturdays blog will be becoming over the next little while. Thoughts? Anything else you'd enjoy seeing? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for being patient as I get on my feet again. You guys have been awesome readers! And if everyone could avoid saying "chocolate cheesecake" around me I'd be forever grateful.

Lots of love,

P.S. eShakti is still offering all you Lazy readers $20 off all purchases! Details here. I got a skirt and I'm thinking of getting another one... let me know what you get! 

P.S.S. Once upon a time, I promised to do a giveaway for my followers once I hit 100. And that's still on! I hit 100 followers much faster than I was anticipating but it's on it's way! Thanks to everyone who's been reading along! I read every single comment that's left here and am grateful for such awesome followers! 


Fictitious Fashion said...

Awwww sweety.. Get well soon.. We love hearing from you :)
You rock :)

Rachel said...

Sorry you've been sick! Feel better soon! LOVE your blog (:


Loren said...

I haven't been reading your blog long. But this list sounds great. I mostly wanted to comment that I LOVE your 'Trashion Designs', I'm sure they take FOREVER but I still think they are pretty darn cool.

Krista said...

Thanks ladies! Today has definitely been a much better day than the previous few :)

@ Lauren- I'm so happy you like the trashion designs! The original reason I started this blog was to have a place I could show them. There will be more eventually! And your comment makes me want to make that sooner rather than later :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Get well soon!
I love your 'How to wear' posts! They give me so many ideas!
And your trashion designs are beyond amazing! I loved them so much that I showed them to my mom and she was awestruck! Then I showed them to my sis.. and then even my dad! (who has no clue about fashion OR trashion ;))
But seriously all the designs were so creative!

MsVeve said...

especially love options 123.) Hope you feel better soon! xoxo, Msveve

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