Monday, November 28, 2011

matchy matchy touchy touchy

{Shabby Apple dress, thrifted belt, Anthro sweater, Nordstrom tights, fishnets, and bag, boots from friend's boutique}

A couple hilarious things happened while I was wearing this outfit.

First, Mason and I went to see my sister speak in church yesterday, where she was wearing the exact same dress. With a brown belt. And a yellow sweater. What are the odds? It was awesome. 

Second, I decided to layer my fishnets and some colored tights yesterday. Every single person I sat next to asked if they could feel my legs. Luckily I only sat next to women I knew well and Mason. So layer your tights cautiously depending on who you may be sitting next to during your day. People will want to touch.

winners announced

Congratulations to Faith and Lindsey H!!!
You ladies won my infinity scarves!
Send me your addresses within 48 hours and they will be on their way to you!
{Winners were drawn using}

Thanks to everyone who entered! I had so much fun reading why you enjoy this blog. It helped me know why you are all here and I shall keep the things you love coming your way! 

Things may be a tad slow around here during the next month. My super sexy photographer {aka my husband} is having a crazy busy fourth quarter at his job and by the time he gets home every day there is zero sunlight left. So while things are a bit slow, know I'm not abandoning this blog, I just have no pictures to show :) BUT I shall continue to do my best to get great posts out AND I have some holiday DIYs in store for you! Stay tuned! 

I love you all! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

a thankful heart

at this moment I am grateful for:
my darling husband 
the church I love to be a part of
the little house we call our home
my family both immediate and extended
the country we live in that gives us so much freedom
our crazy dog that rules our backyard
good food
sewing machines
a great fitting pair of pants{hard to come by}
the fact that I haven't killed a plant in over a year
when I hear Mason singing a song he just made up
chalkboard paint
my education
fresh bang trims
sunshine during the winter
a great thrift store find

Life is good.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a week in pictures

Row 1: Made cupcakes and one magically didn't rise and Mason's cream topped with an icecream sandwich.
Row 2: Our dog, Mike, enjoys standing on his dog carrier. I think he thinks he's king of our backyard. And the aftermath of this post.
Row 3: Driving with Mason. 
Row 4: Date with Mason. Killer Bunnies and pasta. It was perfect.
Row 5: Tillamook greatness and this is what happens to my hair sometimes when I wear a headband. My straight hair is not a fan of holding things in place. Picture taken after this post.
Row 6: Mason's new toy...a ladder. My nephew on his first birthday.
Row 7: Same nephew on the table. You can't tell from the picture, but there were a bunch of clapping as he danced on the table. Kid has moves. And Mason, me, and sunshine. 

In other news, I made a huge mistake this week involving a can of olives and my thumb. Let's just say one should never try to rip the lid off the can with their bare hands when the can opener fails to complete it's task. Stupid stupid stupid. I probably needed a couple stitches...seeing as it never full stopped bleeding that fateful night,  but I didn't want to ruin my stitchless record. So heads up that it may be a bit before I do any sewing again...sigh. I have a lot of dresses that need some upcycled lovin'. Lesson learned. It's been a long couple days. Try putting on your jeans without using one of you thumbs. 

My darlings, use decent can openers. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

18 months ago...

I married this guy. 
It was the best day of my life... and the days have been getting better and better since then. Happy 18 months my handsome Mason! Eternity is going to rock!  

{and how cute is the fist pump action going on here? This was right after we got married. I'm a lucky gal.}

Friday, November 18, 2011

a gift from me to you: closed

Seriously. You guys have been awesome. I started this blog simply as a creative outlet for myself and to document the things I made. Who knew I would end up with a wonderful group of followers! I read every comment you leave and even check out your blogs too! {There's some serious talent and style out there!}I want to say thank you to you guys by giving away a couple infinity scarves I made from vintage fabrics. 
There are two ways to enter:
1. You must be a follower of Lazy Saturdays, but I don't care how you follow! Leave a comment telling me how you are following {Google Friend Connect, Google Reader, Bloglovin', etc.}
2. Tell me what your favorite thing is about my blog, Lazy Saturdays!

Leave a separate comment for each. Giveaway closes Friday, November 25, 2011. 

Thanks again for following Lazy Saturdays!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sunshine blues

{Old Delias button up shirt, F21 shirt and vest, Shade skirt, thrifted belt, Hue tights} 
Let's talk about the sun. It's warm. It makes me happy. It helps with taking great pictures.
Enter daylight savings. No sun. Shoot. 
My fair skin yells at it during the summer, but the second it's gone I get bummed.  
I've been blogging for less then a year and I'm entering my first winter taking pictures during this season. 
It's time to get creative around here. Can you bottle sunlight like tomatoes? Hmmmm...

Bonuses of no sun: More excuses for naps, cuddling, hot chocolate, movies, sleeping in and being lazy. Gosh I love excuses to sleep more and get more chocolate in my diet. And Christmas is on it's way. Yeessssss!!! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

upcycled thursdays: 80's dress revamp

Does this dress make you wanna throw on some hot pink leg warmers and belt Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the top of your lungs or what? I kinda regret not wearing a studded belt and curling my bangs for these pictures.

Here's what I did:
I chopped off the top then I took in the sleeves (a lot!) and the sides (a little). Then I sewed the top back on to the skirt, taking the waist seam up quite a bit. Lastly, I hand sewed the odd side slit on the skirt (see before pic; it's on my left side). I had originally planned on taking the hem up a little, but when I put it on to mark where I wanted to take it to, I was happy with the midi-ish length. Saved me 10 minutes.... okay, more like 30 because I couldn't stop singing Cindy Lauper to the mirror long enough to focus on my dress. 

P.S. I went to the dentist today. My dentist also couldn't stop singing while he was checking out my chompers. It was a good sign. Zero cavities. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tight tips: 6 new ways to mix it up

My favorite cold weather accessory is a great pair of colored tights {just scroll thru my outfits to see the proof}. There is so much you can do with them! I'm going to show you six ways to mix yours up!

First, some tight lingo:
opaque- you will see very little of your skin thru the tights.
sheer- you see your skin.

Now you're set! Ready to be inspired?

I love fishnets but sometimes I feel they may be too sexy for certain occasions. Say church? If you layer them over a fun color it solves the problem! 

Variations: Go for a monochromatic look by wearing black tights with black fishnets. It will create a cool texture.

I wear skirts and dresses year round. No matter the weather or temperature. If you wear wool tights and socks I swear you will be warmer than when you wear jeans. It's awesome. Make sure your socks look thicker than your tights or it may look strangely proportioned. 

Variations: Wear with rain boots. You can also layer your wool socks over regular tights. 

Put on your colored tights first then layer a fun sheer decorative tight over it. This is a great way to add some subtle color to an outfit.

Variations: Look for fun prints like polka dots or graphic prints to layer.

This one is so much fun! You must try it! Put on one color then put on a sheer color over it. The bottom layer will shine thru the sheer as you move. It's kinda psychedelic.

Variations: If this much color is a bit daunting, put on a colored pair of tights first, then layer with a sheer  pair of black or grey tights. 

I think this is my favorite layering of tights. I adore crochet tights, and with a pop of extra color, I'm sold. I could wear this every day.

Variations: Don't have crochet tights? Have an old pair of tights that have holes in them? Layer over colored tights and have the color pop thru the holes. 

A great way to show off a fun pair of socks in the winter is to put them on over a pair of tights. It's also a great way to keep on wearing your favorite pair of tights that now has a hole in the heel or toe. 

Variations: Instead of knee high socks, wear cute ankle socks with a pair of mary jane shoes. Super girly and super cute.

Tips on taking care of your tights: Always hand wash them. It's kinda a pain but it will make them last longer. Wash them with laundry soap that's made for delicates. You can find special kinds in department stores at the hosiery counters. Tights have spandex in them that normal detergent will break down, and make them look dingey and loose elasticity. Lastly, avoid wearing them with shoes that rub your feet or have sharp edges. Your tights will wear out more quickly in those areas.

I hope you're inspired to get adventurous with your tights! Stay tuned all winter because I'll be showing each technique in at least one outfit! 

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights