Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sunshine blues

{Old Delias button up shirt, F21 shirt and vest, Shade skirt, thrifted belt, Hue tights} 
Let's talk about the sun. It's warm. It makes me happy. It helps with taking great pictures.
Enter daylight savings. No sun. Shoot. 
My fair skin yells at it during the summer, but the second it's gone I get bummed.  
I've been blogging for less then a year and I'm entering my first winter taking pictures during this season. 
It's time to get creative around here. Can you bottle sunlight like tomatoes? Hmmmm...

Bonuses of no sun: More excuses for naps, cuddling, hot chocolate, movies, sleeping in and being lazy. Gosh I love excuses to sleep more and get more chocolate in my diet. And Christmas is on it's way. Yeessssss!!! 


Loren said...

Love this vest. The pattern is adorable. I am also entering my first blogging winter, I'm trying not to get bummed about the sunlight/figure out how to take decent night time photos. I feel like there has to be a secret that I am just missing.

Fictitious Fashion said...

Love the tights. The color is so great.. I love it how you mix colors in winter.. You have really inspired me.. great going :)


meg said...

Bottle sunlight like tomatoes! I LOVE THAT! Worth stitching onto a pillow.


Anja said...

the skirt and vest together - so cute! having the same issues with winter. Last year, I started blogging as a student, but now as a working woman, I get home so late and the sun is gone most of the times, or it's foggy. need one of those bottles as well!That would be a great product to invent :) The nordic countries use one of those UV lamps as it is really only 3-4 hours light in winter. Maybe something with that!!

Meg said...

Hey there! Just happened upon your blog. It's super cute, and I'm your newest follower! Seriously though....your fashion is adorable. If you ever want to trade buttons or any of that blog ....stuff :) that would be awesome! I'm pretty new to the blogging world so feel free to check mine out!



rlutz said...

Love all the colors and pattern you have got going on here!! Taking photos in the winter sucks...just not enough daylight!!

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