Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a week in pictures

Row 1: Made cupcakes and one magically didn't rise and Mason's cream topped with an icecream sandwich.
Row 2: Our dog, Mike, enjoys standing on his dog carrier. I think he thinks he's king of our backyard. And the aftermath of this post.
Row 3: Driving with Mason. 
Row 4: Date with Mason. Killer Bunnies and pasta. It was perfect.
Row 5: Tillamook greatness and this is what happens to my hair sometimes when I wear a headband. My straight hair is not a fan of holding things in place. Picture taken after this post.
Row 6: Mason's new toy...a ladder. My nephew on his first birthday.
Row 7: Same nephew on the table. You can't tell from the picture, but there were a bunch of clapping as he danced on the table. Kid has moves. And Mason, me, and sunshine. 

In other news, I made a huge mistake this week involving a can of olives and my thumb. Let's just say one should never try to rip the lid off the can with their bare hands when the can opener fails to complete it's task. Stupid stupid stupid. I probably needed a couple stitches...seeing as it never full stopped bleeding that fateful night,  but I didn't want to ruin my stitchless record. So heads up that it may be a bit before I do any sewing again...sigh. I have a lot of dresses that need some upcycled lovin'. Lesson learned. It's been a long couple days. Try putting on your jeans without using one of you thumbs. 

My darlings, use decent can openers. 


Gentri said...

Ouch! I hope it gets better ASAP! No fun! I'm hosting a giveaway and would love if you entered! :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Awww.. take care dear..
n fr the post.. I like reading your posts from top to bottom.. u n mason look so beautiful together :)

New Post: My first DIY-hair and I'm 50!

You can also follow me on facebook.. I would love to follow you back there too :)

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