Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new specs

{Glasses c/o GlassesUSA.com; Urban Outfitters blazer; Old Navy shirt; thrifted belt and jeans; Steve Madden boots}

When I started this blog, I decided if I ever got to the point that I had companies approach me to do product reviews, I wouldn't accept anything just to get free stuff. I wanted to keep my readers in mind and only choose what would apply to them. When GlassesUSA contacted me I originally turned them down. BUT then I started thinking how annoying it is to not have glasses when you really need them and thought that one of my readers may be in the same boat. If you recall this post, I was living on a pair of outdated and broken glasses for much too long and was so grateful when I got new ones. So this post is for anyone who is in need of glasses like I was. And if helps even one person be able to afford a new pair then I'll be a happy blogger. Read on... there's a discount for you!

So here's the scoop on GlassesUSA.com: They believe that seeing properly shouldn't be a luxury. It should be a necessity. Oh how I agree! Having the correct eyeglasses has made a world of difference for me. They have a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. They even have a virtual mirror so you can see the glasses on you before you purchase! So fun! They have so many adorable pairs of prescription glasses! They also have a refer-a-friend program to help you save a little more money. And if you want more discounts, check out their Facebook page. 

To get 30% off any pair of glasses and free US shipping, use code Holiday11 or to get 10% off any order use code Blog10. Happy shopping! If any of you buy glasses, send me a pic! I'd love to see.  


Sherri said...

Cute specs! I love the outfit!

Kitsune-kun said...

you look way cute in those glasses:) and love the blazer!

Brooke said...

LOVE the new glasses though I really liked your last pair of new ones too. Now I want new glasses! :)

rain said...

Those glasses complement the outfit well. It's about choosing the right pair by having an eye test.

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