Friday, January 13, 2012

{Delias sweater; Nordstrom skirt, tights and boots; husband's socks}

You guys, I have come to the conclusion that guys clothes are more comfy than girls. Shocking news eh? I know you all come here for the latest fashion headlines. Since my discovery, I have stolen Mason's pants, shirts and now I'm on to stealing socks. And most the time I don't ask. What have I become? Guys clothes have changed me. 


Mrs. Dork said...

Oh my goodness--I totally agree! Dork's long sleeve shirts are just SO COMFY, I can't help but steal them! They're always perfect on those really cold days when all I want is something comfy and warm. AND he's not here when I'm getting dressed in the morning so he can't even say anything about it. Sneaky sneaky, I am.

Fictitious Fashion said...

hahaha.. yesss.. cos they don't have a rage to buy shorts, skirts, deep-cut dresses.. they stay protected + less tanning and nice skin too :P
I love ur look darling!

Maybe u have time to read my New Post--> SURPRISE 1


Meg said...

Could not agree more with the whole boys clothes thing. Love them too.

annie & m said...

I am in LOVE with that skirt! Keep those cute outfit posts com in' - I love your style :)

Kayla said...


Would you mind if I used one of these photos in an inspiration post for my upcoming challenge??


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