Wednesday, January 18, 2012

it's time to vote again!

You guys, I have gotten so much further in SYTYCS than I ever thought possible. From 127 entrants to the top seven! Ahhh! Thank you so much! 

This week is going to be tough to get thru and I need your votes! Some of the other contestants have wonderful blogs with a lot more readers than I do. I'm crossing my fingers I make it to the last round. I have a trashion dress ready to be made if I do. I know you all love my bizarre dresses made from trash. So if you want to see one next week, head on over and vote for my vest HERE.
Thanks again everyone! I may not have the largest blog, but I have the best readers! I love you all.


meg said...

Krista! I am loving this vest sooo much. It has anthro chic written all over it. I.Want.One.

Tamra said...

Hi, you're wonderful and OH so beautiful. This vest is amazing. I made a bow last week because I was just missing you so much while you were away. It made me feel close to you. :)

Sunkissed said...

And we love you Krista :) Your sewing skills, your creations and you are so amazing

Fictitious Fashion said...

We love u too krista!! u r very nice :)
Voted!!!! :)

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Trisha said...

Corban was just looking over my shoulder as I looked at this post again and I said, "Who's that?" Grin, "Aunt Krista." "Right, she made that vest she's wearing." "Out of what?" Then looking more closely he answered his own question: "...Oh, rose petals. That's really cool!" Hehe, even my 6 year old fashion-unconscious boy can see how beautiful and amazing your work is!

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