Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pillows made from t-shirts

Do you have a zillion old t-shirts laying around that you just can't seem to get enough gumption to toss out? I do. It's sad. I tend to get emotionally attached to clothes. Here's a great project for all you t-shirt hoarders.

Materials needed:
old t-shirts
sewing machine or needle and thread
fiber fill to stuff pillows
To make the main part of the pillows, I cut two squares or rectangles(depending on the shape I wanted for the pillow) from the body of the shirt. Then I put the two right sides together, pinned and sewed all four edges leaving about five inches on one side open to turn the pillow right side out and to put stuffing in. From there, you're ready to decorate you pillow!
I adore this large bowed pillow! To make a bow, you can follow my instructions from my how to make a bow post. Just increase all the dimensions for a large one. Stitch the bow where you want it. I love it made from a t-shirt because it's a little extra floppy. I think it would also be fun to make a bunch of small bows for your pillow. 
This woven pillow was tons of fun to make and is actually quite easy. This one you have to make the woven pattern on one piece of your pillow squares before you sew the right sides together. Cut horizontal strips from your t-shirt scraps and pull them tight, stretching them out. They will curl up nice and tight.  Lay down the strips and arrange and weave however you'd like. Pin all the strips in place and stitch them on using your sewing machine or by hand. You have your one side done and are ready to continue on!
This pillow is perfect for any old t that has a great memory but it starting to get too worn to wear. Simply cut your pillow pieces out around the logo on the t-shirt. This one is super comfy to curl up with. I'm going to be traveling in the next little while and I plan on throwing this in my carry-on. 
To add fun polka dots to your pillow, cut circles(or whatever shape your heart desires) and stitch or glue them into place. I think this would be a great addition to a teenager's room!
And lastly, the flower pillow. After the main part of the pillow is made, follow my instructions on how to make a flower from a t-shirt and make as many flowers as you'd like. Stitch them into place. The next time I make this pillow, I think I may go flower overload and cover the entire front with flowers. Wouldn't that be fun to rest your head on? 

Now that you're done decorating your pillows it's time to stuff them! You can find pillow stuffing and most fabric stores. Be careful not to under-stuff them. They'll look a little flat. It's hard to over-stuff, so cram as much as you can in them. Pin closed the five inch opening and hand stitched closed.

Enjoy your new pillows! They're extra soft and great to curl up with. 


Jengerbread said...

These are seriously cute. I like the taxi cab one the best.

Amm and Tam said...

You're brilliant.

meg said...

My favorite is the woven one. Followed by the flowers. Followed by the taxi cab. You know. Just in case you feel the need to make me a present someday.

I heart you.

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh my goodness these are amazing. So clever and creative, and I have tons of old t-shirts I can't bear to throw out that I would love to turn into cushions! and I love that you showed us how..but I can't sew, really I would just love for you to be my neighbour and then I would pay you for your mad skills to make me some like tons of bow ones all in a row! that would be fun!

Brianna and Tyler said...

You're giving me a great excuse to use my new sewing machine!!!

deecmf said...

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Fictitious Fashion said...

U are a star!!!!! I will show dis to my mom!! :D

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Anonymous said...

Super cute Krista!!

Anonymous said...

Yay~ I'm glad you made it through to the next round -- I love these pillows! Good luck!

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