Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ruffled vest

This is my entry for this week's So You Think You Can Sew. The theme is apparel and I wanted to try something I've had swirling around in my little brain for a while. A ruffled vest. To make it, I used and old bed sheet. The fabric was super soft, which made for some great draping of the ruffles. The ruffles are made out of about two hundred circles. I watched a lot of Nexflix with a pair of fabric shears while I was making this. The silhouette of the vest remind me of the fur vests everyone is wearing right now, and I kinda like it. 

Oh, and the hat? My husband's. He found it in the Cayman Islands. I think my love of fashion is rubbing off on him. But don't tell him I said so.  



Rachel Sayumi. said...

You are so talented and beautiful.

Jenny said...

New follower here...I am loving all of these colors together! I look forward to your posts and hope you will check out my new beauty/fashion blog!
Jenny from www.modernmodestbeauty.com

LaynahRose said...

You're so stunning, just look at that third picture! I'd kill for your hair color, I tried to dye mine red recently aaand it was a fail :)

Lizzy said...

The colour combination is brilliant! How did you do that? When I combine things, they never match so perfectly and it looks kinda childish :D

I love the vest btw. You look gorgeous! As always :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

wow.. We need a DIY... how did u put them together in that shape?? it doesn't look "what am I doing" stuff :P
N it is interesting how u play wid colors n dun look messy.. excellent color combination :)

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Kitsune-kun said...

wow! you're amazing!

MimiKou said...

hi Krista!
I voted :)
Congratulations for your blog! You have plenty of new, fresh and imaginative ideas and I love reading your posts! Thanks again for the inspiration!
Mélissa from France

Brooke said...

I totally voted for you!!! Super cute vest too!

Monika said...

Hi Krista, I've just got here from Pinterest. I love the west, what a great idea and I will vote for sure! I also enjoyed browsing your "upcycling" post very much. Cheers, Monika.

rlutz said...

That vest is amazing...very impressive!! Love how you paired it with other primary colors!!

Simple Simon & Co said...

Love the vest!

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