Tuesday, February 14, 2012

heart tote bag

I thought it would be fun to do something festive this week in honor of love day. FashionArtProjects.com sent me some tote bags a little while ago, and I thought I'd use one for some Valentine's day fun. I originally was going to do a blue bag/green heart combo, but after seeing the newest Lucky magazine, I decided to have some fun with the colors. 
First, I dyed my tote bag with Rit Dye. {Instructions on how to dye here. The process also shrunk my bag a tiny bit, so ya know.} Then I drew a heart on some transparency film and cut it out. 
I taped my new stencil on the bag...
...and got to the fun part. Painting! 
I used two coats total of fabric paint.
Let dry for a few hours and presto! New festive tote bag. 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all feel super loved. 


Harley said...

i love it!

meg said...

Pintastic. Really.

annie and m said...

Oh my, this bag is adorable - thanks for the tutorial. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Brooke said...

super cute!

EvaMae said...

So adorable and cute!!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Lovely idea hon!!!! loooks so greatttt!!!!!

New post is up :)

Sunkissed said...

How adorable <3 I'm so going to do this !

Jess said...

wonderful DIY project!

check out the prom themed birthday party on my blog and please comment. kisses!


Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom said...

Fabulous project! I am glad to know these bags take dye well.

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