Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a 20 week bump

Goodness you guys. I've hardly put any baby bump pictures up! These were actually taken a couple weeks ago. My belly is a lot more belly-er now. I'm at 22 weeks. On the downhill! And this little lad is growing like crazy. Which means I'm growing like crazy! More pictures to come. Promise. I'll stop being a slacker. 

Let's take a moment to talk about my pants. They're maternity! What?! Aren't they awesome? I got them from Old Navy and I'm sold on maternity pants now. Talk about comfort! I'll be wearing these to Thanksgiving dinner this year. {Yes, my baby is due in July. No, I won't be pregnant in November. Don't care.} I tried the hair-tie-thru-the-button-hole trick one time and felt like every one I saw knew that my pants were secretly bursting open and my gut was hanging out. That was the first and last time I used that trick. I bought maternity pants soon after. Anyway, these have become my lucky pants. They're what I wore to find out that it's a little boy in there and when I wear them he gives me extra kicks thru out the day. I think I'll pack these in my hospital bag for labor day. I know I won't need them, but I'll take comfort in just knowing they are there. 


Anja said...

you look so pretty and that belly really is growing! Wow, you just glow. Definitely a great look and yeah for maternity pants.

Sunkissed said...

aww <3 you are looking beautiful krista :)

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I didn't know that red, skinnyjeans came in maternity sizes. I may go out and buy a pair for myself for Thanksgiving dinner even though I'm not pregnant and have no plans to be by November!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Never knew maternity pants are fashionable too :D
you look even more gorgeous hon!!! Will be waiting for more pictures :)
Hope you have time to read my New post :)- A review


Faith said...

Cute! I love these bright colors! I'll have to file Old Navy away in the back of my mind for when my day comes. :)

Brynne said...

Those are so cute! I think that the discovery of maternity pants is one of the great joys of first time motherhood. So comfortable! I'm on my fourth right now and eyeing my collection of maternity pants, willing my belly to grow faster so I can wear them. :)

Emily said...

You look so adorable! Great outfit!

London said...

So darling lady!

Jenny said...

Awww, pregnancy looks so cute on you! I wish I would have dressed like this when I was prego! Love it!
Modern Modest Beauty

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