Tuesday, March 6, 2012

all this silence

(the current state of my desk)

Things have been so silent around here lately! This blog is currently like a duck in water; looks still on the surface, but underwater its legs are kicking ferociously. Although the posting is slow now, I'm working like a crazy lady behind the scenes! It's been wonderful! I'm currently in the middle of the Trashion Show and am beginning to meet with models and get everything fit. I'll be posting some fun things over the next few weeks. Lots of upcycling! If anyone is in the Boise area, the show will be on April 20th at 7PM. More details later. 

And more fun news! The Lazy Saturdays blog is going to get a major face lift! It will be a lot more user friendly. It's all still on paper, but it's coming along and I'm stoked! You may not see anything for another couple months, but it's in the works! At the moment, I plan on switching to Wordpress. Just a heads up for all you wonderful Google Friend Connect followers. I don't want to leave you behind, so I want to give you ample warning that a change is coming. 

Also, if you want to follow along with what I'm working on, I have an Instagram account now. My user name is @lazykrista and I'm also now on Twitter, user name @LazySaturdays. 

Thanks for reading the update! More to come! Life is good. 

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